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Programme- and ticket release for XXI Stockholm Early Music 2022 on EARLY MUSIC DAY, Monday 21 March!

Saturday 19 March 2022

On Early Music Day, Stockholm Early Music presents its programme and releases the tickets for the summer festival XXI SEMF 2022, 1-6 June.

SEMF is proud to stage a baroque premiere in modern times! The play "Birger Jarl and Mechtild" by Gustav III, Francesco Uttini and Philip Johnsen, a "medieval baroque opera" and one of history's first staged music works in Swedish, is given at Musikaliska – a sneaky peek into Sweden's new National Stage for Early Music! 

With equal excitement, we welcome the world-renowned ensemble Les Talens Lyriques under Christophe Rousset, as the opening of the festival's 21st edition. The German gamba star Hille Perl invites both the Sun King and you to dancing dreams, while the English superchoir Tenebrae arouses astonishment through the wonders of polyphony. Les Passions de l’Âme from Switzerland excels through its whimsical virtuosity and Spanish-Norwegian Hirundo Maris weaves together colourful Sephardic and Scandinavian traditions. For the finale, Theatre of Voices & Camerata Øresund take the stage for a euphonious northern European musical parade. In addition, there are 20 concerts, performances and seminars to discover…

Find the whole festival programme HERE from 21/3!

Welcome to the SEMF stage, where early music is always NOW! See you in the Old Town!