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Press Quotes

Press, SEMF 2023

"International guest performances of class..."
-Claes Wahlin, Aftombladet, June 3, 2023

"Ann Hallenberg and Höör Baroque...a celebrated performance...a memorable concert..."
-Jenny Ljungkvist, Epoch Times, July 5, 2023

"...a true music and dance celebration."
-Peter Bohlin, Dansportalen, July 13, 2023, about the performance "Terpsichore"

"Belgian B'Rock presented several real Monteverdi hits during the Stockholm Early Music Festival. Meeting Claudio Monteverdi at this high level erases the four hundred years that separate him from us."
-Camilla Lundberg, Dagens Nyheter, June 3, 2023


Press, SEMF 2022


Press, SEMF 2021

"Royal ovations for world-class soloists - Early Music Festival is Sweden's foremost and most international music festival .... For twenty years, Stockholm Early Music Festival has struggled. Will it take just as long before this country in the northern outskirts of Europe gets a stage for the early music?"
- Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet, 4 June 2021

"An early music house in Stockholm should be established. Pontvik & Co have shown this for twenty years in a row."
- Erik Wallrup, Svenska Dagbladet, 5 June 2021

For twenty years, the Stockholm Early Music Festival has made the Old Town the temporary hub of early music. These sounds from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque lack a permanent home, but flourish in competition with lilacs and newly emerged students in June every year. The hot-off-the-press anniversary book ‘Future Music’ is reminiscent of the rich line of international guest appearances, curiosity and the high level of ambition."
- Johanna Paulsson, Dagens Nyheter, 7 June 2021

"Artistic dynamite ..."
- Sofia Nyblom, Dagens Nyheter, 4 June 2021

See the programme for SEMF 2021

Press, SEMF 2020

"Swinging Baroque n´roll ..."
- Camilla Lundberg, Dagens Nyheter, 10 September 2020
"... despite the breeze outside (SEMF) still manages to warm hungry souls this year with an impressive musical banquet (...) as a reminder of eternal life in and through the music and its indomitable ambassadors."
- Sofia Nyblom, Svenska Dagbladet, 11 September 2020
"Like a beautiful spring weather without regard to the fact that it is actually winter in the performing arts world, the week-long early music festival is taking place (...) As always, the level is high ..."
- Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet, 12 September 2020
"***** Playful and humorous at Stockholm Early Music Festival (...) this wonderfully niche passionate project ..."
- Nicholas Ringskog Ferrada-Noli, Dagens Nyheter, 14 September 2020

Press, SEMF 2019

“For many music lovers, the festival is the highlight of the year. Hurry to Sockholm's Old Town - it's never too late for early music!”
Kristina I. Kleinert, Epoch Times, June 5 2019

”The suberb performance transported the audience in the German Church in time and space.”
Lars Sjöberg, Epoch Times, June 5 2019

“...a princely wedding in the spirit of the Medici family, with the royal couple themselves as guests of honour. It is magnificent..."
Sofia Nyblom, SvD, June 7 2019

“… time to give early music a house of its own.” 
- Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet, June 7 2019

See the programme for SEMF 2019

Press, SEMF 2018

”A sounding star in the festival sky.”
Kristina I. Kleinert, Epoch Times, June 6 2018

“Musical time machine seethes with thoroughbred baroque.”
Sofia Nyblom, SvD, 8 June 2018 

“… the broadest music festival in the country.” 
Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet, June 7 2018

See the programme for SEMF 2018

Press, SEMF 2017

”A voice like molten silver ... definitely the highest class”
Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet, June 5 2017

”Fabulously beautiful and expressive voices...”
Johanna Paulsson, Dagens Nyheter, June 7 2017 

”Mystique and magic at Stockholm Early Music Festival
Susanne Lamm, Epoch Times, 2017

See the programme for SEMF 2017

Press, SEMF 2016

"Both exquisite and full of discoveries"
- Nicholas Ringskog Ferrada-Noli, Dagens Nyheter, Sunday, June 5 2016

"...high, if not often the highest class"
- Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet, Sunday, June 5 2016

"Diverse and of high quality"
- Calle Friedner, Kammarmusiknytt, 3/2016

"Premium quality"
- Lars Hedblad, SvD, Saturday, June 4 2016

See the programme for SEMF 2016

Press, SEMF 2015

"One falls easily into an audio ecstasy... Clearly an apogee from the begining of this year's Stockholm Early Music Festival
- Erik Wallrup, SvD

"Stockholm Early Music Festival... the most certain sign of summer in Gamla stan (Old town) ... as we all know, it's never too late for early music"
Johanna Paulsson, Dagens Nyheter

"Music that is soothing the soul. Stockholm Early Music Festival … has turned into the greatest festival in the genre for the Nordic countries"
-Inger Alestig, Dagen

See the programme for SEMF 2015

Press, SEMF 2014

"The musicianship was of the highest level, as is customary at this festival, which not only succeeds in attracting world-class artists, but also shows the tremendous breadth there is in early music."
- Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet

"...the festival could hardly have had a better start."
- Rasmus Klockljung, Lira, reviewing the opening concert

"***** Grandiose. [...] The essence of early music."
- Nicholas Ringskog Ferrada-Noli, Dagens Nyheter

See the programme for SEMF 2014...

Press, SEMF 2013

"World-class music ... Stockholm Early Music Festival matches what the major festivals in Europe and the rest of the world offer..."
- Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet

"Exquisite performances. The audience stamps euphorically in the pews..."
- Johanna Paulsson, Dagens Nyheter

"... a real boost for your health... no summer in Stockholm without SEMF..."
- Kaj Engelhardt, Kyrkans Tidning

"It's so beautiful you could die..."
- Gunilla Brodrej, Expressen

See the programme for SEMF 2013...

Press, SEMF 2012

"If you haven't already discovered this unique festival: don't hesitate next year!"
- Inger Alestig, Dagen

"[The] festival breaks through the walls between popular and posh... The only boundary not crossed is that of good taste."
- Thomas Anderberg, DN

"... a crash course in music history for everyone who loves music."
- Loretto Linusson, Aftonbladet

"You learn by allowing yourself to be entertained. Top notch pedagogy."
- Thomas Anderberg, DN

See the programme for SEMF 2012...

Press, SEMF 2011

"Stockholm Early Music Festival defies boundaries, breaks down walls... [It] has once again shown how indispensible it is to Stockholm's music life."
- Thomas Anderberg, DN

"...consummate music-making. Here's to the next ten years!"
- Fabrice Fitch, Gramophone

"Happy audience, happy musicians."
- Lars Hedblad, SvD

Unfortunately, the 2011 website is currently unavailable.

Press, SEMF 2010

"The real 'love' festival.... international star status brings the people flocking"
– Sofia Nyblom, SvD

"...a real 'menu degustation'...... and with enormous public support"
– Thomas Anderberg, DN

"This is truly the most international and artistically the highest quality classical music festival this country has to offer"
– Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet

"This year's Stockholm Early Music.....a superb festival"
–Hanna Höglund, Expressen

Unfortunately, the 2010 website is currently unavailable.

Press, SEMF 2009

"To call this festival a gem would be to diminish it, it should rather be described as a jewel encrusted tiara, sparkling with all the colours of the rainbow."
– Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet

"...if there is one event that Stockholm can not manage without, it is Stockholm Early Music Festival."
– Sofia Nyblom, SvD

"Stockholm Early Music Festival has become an utterly reliable source of pleasure, knowledge and enjoyment every summer. May it continue to enrich our lives for many years to come!"
– Kaj Engelhart, Kyrkans tidning

Unfortunately, the 2009 website is currently unavailable.

Press, SEMF 2008

"Stockholm Early Music Festival presents the world's leading ensembles and is rewarded with a large and enthusiastic audience"
– Thomas Anderberg, DN

"An event which must surely be among the best of its kind in North Europe"
– Kaj Engelhardt, Kyrkans Tidning

"A performance of the highest quality which was rewarded with whistles and cries of 'bravo' from the audience"
– Lars Hedblad, SvD, about The Harp Consort

"No other festival, not even the Baltic Sea Festival presents so many leading international ensembles of such high class"
– Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet

Visit the website for SEMF 2008...

Press, SEMF 2007

"Magnificent is the least one can say..."
– Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet reviews Les Paladins

"nothing less than a musical banquet"
– Sofia Nyblom, SvD

"a beautifully contrived musical display - pure magic"
– Sara Norling, DN describes Hesperion XXI

"It is an astonishing achievement in itself to scrape together every year the funds needed to produce this wonderful festival"
– Kaj Engelhart, Kyrkans tidning, The Church Times

Visit the website for SEMF 2007...

Press, SEMF 2006

"There is no doubt, Baroque music has rarely been heard with such a swing to it!"
– Thomas Anderberg, DN comments on La Púrpura de la Rosa"

"Music of the spheres ...For the fifth year in a row, Early Music Festival presented a long weekend of European stature, baroque tones otherwise all too rare in our barbaric nordic climes"
– Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet

"...the audience's enthusiasm took on gale-force proportions"
– Carl-Gunnar Åhlén, SvD comments on Ensemble européen William Byrd's concert

"This is a festival Sweden really needs"
– Sofia Nyblom, SvD

Visit the website for SEMF 2006...

Press, SEMF 2005

"Almost brought the roof down in the German Church! Stockholm Early Music Festival was a fabulous success!"
– Thomas Anderberg, DN

"Stockholm Early Music Festival is in its own way as colourful an attraction as the Vasa ship. But there is one difference - the festival is kept afloat by the power of music."
– Sofia Nyblom, SvD

"a remarkable intensity - SEMF's success is largely due to the enthusiasm of the team of festival workers, from the artistic director to the volunteers checking the tickets."
– Andrea Braun, Concerto, Germany

Visit the website for SEMF 2005...

Press, SEMF 2004

"...perhaps the most superior festival we have in Sweden..."
– Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet

"It is naturally a feather in its hat, that this recently established festival manages to bring such prominent guests to Sweden every year."
– Tony Lundman, SvD

"Stockholm Early Music Festival has found a tenable niche."
– Hans Wolf, Kyrkans Tidning

"...this year's festival - the most ambitious and varied so far, has found a natural balance between the new and the established..."
– Sara Norling, DN

Visit the website for SEMF 2004...

Press, SEMF 2003

"... gratifying is Stockholm Early Music Festival where variation, integration and quality are important ... exemplary throughout"
– Nora Roll, DN

"Divine? More than that. Also human."
– Örjan Abrahamsson, Östgötacorren, commenting Tallis Scholar's concert in the German Church 03-06-06

"This time, the Antique period was the most interesting alternative."
– Tony Lundman, SvD, about the Greek ensemble LyrAvlos, comparing the concert to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra concert the same evening at the Stockholm Concert Hall

Visit the website for SEMF 2003...

Press, SEMF 2002

"completely naturally, the central figure in the Stockholm Early Music Festival ... a heavenly gamba player. With the stroke of his bow Jordi Savall heralds a new festival with old music."
– Torbjörn Eriksson, Expressen

"Stockholm's music scene has been enriched by the advent of a new festival. ... the underlying idea behind the concerts was, sensibly enough, to stress quality rather than quantity…. Let us hope that the festival takes up a permanent place on the scene."
– Hans Wolf, DN

"perhaps most extraordinary is that it is the first time a festival devoted to early music has been arranged in Stockholm ... At last, many lovers of the baroque and earlier periods must be saying"
– Tony Lundman, SvD

Unfortunately, the website for 2002 is no longer available.