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Michal Smetanka, Anna-Katarina Schatzl & Robert Egreši – Fujara & Co - Carpathians' early tones - Early Slovak Heritage

Photo: Robert Koçan

Photo: ©Richard Kišš

Wednesday 6 June 2018 12:00 - 13:00 The Stockholm Cathedral Parish Hall

2018 - Europaåret för kulturarv  THE EARLY HEARITAGE    4

The Fujara is a unique Slovak wind instrument found on UNESCO's World Heritage List and is part of a large family of shepherd´s musical pipes. Experience the tradition-bearers Michal Smetanka and Robert Egreši from the Slovak part of the Carpathians. Together they also play around twenty other folk music instruments, sing and bring to live the ancestors' earliest music from the region! The singer Anna-Katarina Schatzl introduces Trávnice, the oldest known Slovak form of Meadow songs. 

In cooperation with the Embassy of the Slovak Republic.

Tickets: 120 SEK