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Musica Ficta – El Canto de la Sibila

Photo: José Albornoz

Sunday 13 September 2020 17:00 - 18:00 The Finnish Church

The mythological Sibyl predicted the downfall of the world. El canto de la Sibila (The chant of the Sibyl) is a unique and exciting example of medieval liturgical drama originated in the musical traditions of southern Europe, in this case from a monastery in Castile, Spain. Tonight’s program is supplemented with songs from the medieval collection Llibre Vermell de Monserrat. The Spanish ensemble Musica Ficta, specializing in the early Renaissance, has performed internationally for almost 30 years. 

In cooperation with the Embassy of Spain.

Tickets 250 SEK.

We are blocking rows and seats in order to maintain social distancing according to the Public Health Authority in Sweden.

Subject to changes!

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