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Photo: ©Sonia Ritondale


LudovicaRambelliTeatro – Tableaux Vivants

Friday 4 June 2021 16:00 - 16:40 The Finnish Church

Direct from Naples! Caravaggio (A)live! transports the audience to a spiritual world, where visual and theatre arts overlap in perfect harmony. Using the tableau vivant technique, the actors compose Caravaggio's masterpieces with their bodies, creating strong but simple visual effects. The rhythmic flow of the performance is enhanced by (recorded) music by Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi, among others. LudovicaRambelliTeatro has been committed to preserving the art of tableaux vivants for the afterlife.

In collaboration with the Embassy of Italy

TICKETS  • On-site: 250 SEK

SEMF blocks rows and places in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and enables physical distancing.

Subject to change.